The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival

The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival presents the finest environmental film-makers of diverse backgrounds from around the planet! PhotoDiversity explores the importance of light for living things, and to stress the importance of diversity in culture, science and the environment for life on earth to thrive.

The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival will be held around the spring and fall equinoxes. The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival features and supports film-makers of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in projects of especial relevance to the mission of The Zoological Lighting Institute.

Proceeds from the PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival will go towards The Zoological Lighting Institute, a 501 c(3) charitable organization that is dedicated to supporting creative scientific research relating light to life. Our purpose is to distribute funding and resources for photobiology research, which is important for wildlife conservation and improved management of animals in human care.

The United Nations has long recognized biodiversity-loss as an environmental challenge crucial to address for equality and social justice. Directly related to and on a par with climate change, biodiversity-loss destroys vital resources necessary to shelter, feed, and enrich life. The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival seeks to present film makers of diverse backgrounds and perspectives on environmental issues including climate change, as a means to advance the health, safety and well being of our communities.

The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival has been organized to emphasize the need for diversity in the world. PhotoDiversity, the idea that natural light is incredibly complicated from starlight to full sunlight as it transforms the earth daily, is an integral part of habitat diversity. Habitat Diversity is necessary to biodiversity, that is to say the interlocked wealth of life on the planet. Biodiversity is necessary to humanity, because although it is rapidly disappearing, we can't live without it. the PhotoDiversity Film Festival starts with this observation, but leads to a celebration of human life across the earth.

Support the Festival, and support diverse film making around the globe to aid in a key struggle for survival.

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